Need Cash And Want To Sell Your Lottery Payments? Learn How Lottery Source Can Help!

The Lottery Source is a free informational resource provided by Woodbridge Structured Funding, LLC that is dedicated to serving the unique financial needs of individuals who have won a substantial lottery or casino jackpot and would like to sell their lottery payments. These lottery winners are currently receiving monthly or annual lottery payments of their prize winnings.

On this website, you’ll find Lottery Winnings 101, a handy fact sheet that discusses every aspect your financial life AFTER you hit the big time. In the exciting days and hours after winning a major jackpot, lottery winners are expected to make a number of important and irreversible financial decisions about how and when they want to receive their winnings, which carry a host of important tax and lifestyle consequences.

Whether or not they were even given the option initially, many winners opt not to receive an initial lump sum, preferring instead to receive their winnings a little at a time over a period of many years. But so many lottery winners discover that what seemed like a good idea at the time has left them in a financial straight-jacket, waiting around for the money they need now to jump-start their dreams, or just to better manage the unprecedented wealth they have acquired.

This is why we have created the Lottery Source —it’s a source for straight talk and sound advice for winners who want to sell lottery payments whose dreams just can’t wait.

On the Lottery Source you’ll also find our Frequently Asked Questions, which discuss the pros and cons of selling all or part of your future lottery payments for a lump sum right now, well as advice about why, when, and how to sell lottery payments. We’ve also included a number of Testimonials from people—just like you— who have asked to share their success stories. Their dreams couldn’t wait, so selling their future lottery payments for cash in hand now was the best decision they could have made.

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The Lottery Source is powered by Woodbridge Structured Funding, LLC, a financial services company that specializes in making lump sum buyouts of annuities, structured settlements, lottery winnings and other similar financial instruments. We’ve helped thousands of clients to access the money they need NOW to jump start their dreams. We have pioneered the lump sum lottery payment resale business, and we’ve successfully lobbied for legislation to allow these transactions in California, Colorado and Arizona, to name just three states.

What all this experience has taught us is simple—every client is unique, and no two situations are the same. Our dedicated team of professionals knows that the best customer is an educated customer, and that’s why we’ve created the Lottery Source.

If you’re ready to convert any amount of your future lottery payments to a lump sum of cash, just fill out our quick and easy form to get a fast free quote. Woodbridge guarantees the best possible lottery payment payout. Still not sure if you should sell your lottery payments? Read on—the Lottery Source.

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