“Buy My Lottery Payments For Cash” – Frequently Asked Questions About Selling Your Lottery Winnings

Lottery winners often have many questions about how multi-million dollar awards are actually administered, which may not have been made clear to them when their award was claimed Below are some Frequently Asked Questions that lottery winners like yourself often have, as well as to offer advice on how, when and why to sell your future payments for cash now.

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I won a million dollars in the lottery. How come I don’t feel like a millionaire?

The “million dollars” only refers to the total, cumulative award. When you win the lottery, the government sets aside a much smaller sum of money and invests it—over time (usually 20 years) it grows to the full amount of the prize. What you are guaranteed is not a giant check for $1 million, but many smaller checks each year. So, in this example, the million dollar prize winner is really no millionaire: he or she would only receive about $36,000 per year after taxes. If your interested in seeling your lottery payments – contact Woodbridge, they will buy your lottery payments for cash.

Aren’t lottery winners able to opt for a lump sum instead of annual payments?

Sometimes yes and sometimes no, depending on when and where the award was won. Each state has its own laws governing lotteries, casino jackpots and other gambling awards. This means that not every winner is initially given the option of a lump sum—and many more don’t fully understand their options and make poorly informed decisions. In any case, the lump sum would be far less than the “face value” of the award. Basically, lottery winners who elect a lump sum receive the funds that the government would invest on their behalf. But in all cases it’s an all-or-nothing proposition. When the option is given, the winner must accept the 20 year schedule or take it all at once and walk away. Sometimes it’s better to have a financial company to buy your lottery payments for cash.

What are the advantages to having a jackpot paid out over time?

A guaranteed stream of income provides a certain measure of security for the future. Moreover, many people who come into a major award spend money wastefully, and few people have the investment acumen to know how to wisely invest a major award. For some winners, having less control over their award is a good thing.

Are there drawbacks of not having my payment sold for lump sum cash?

Yes. A big disadvantage is not being able to receive a large enough sum of money to substantially upgrade one’s lifestyle. The “million dollar” winner’s 36k just is not going to be enough to buy a dream home, or start up a business, or buy a Ferrari.

How does inflation effect my jackpot?

If you’re receiving annual payments, inflation is a huge negative. Take the example of the million dollar winner. Over time, his $36,000 payments will add up to approximately $750,000 after taxes. But consider what a dollar will be worth in twenty years. At the present historical rate of inflation, $750,000 today will be worth LESS THAN HALF that in twenty years! If you think it’s worth it to sell, Woodbridge will buy your lottery payments for cash!

Is there any way to get my cash now?

Yes. You can sell all or part of your future lottery payments for a lump sum cash payment now. There are any number of companies that are willing to purchase these payments. Woodbridge Structured Funding, LLC, the sponsor of the Lottery Source, will buy your lottery payment. Woodbridge is the market leader and a pioneer in this field, with over 15 years of experience, which enables them to guarantee the best price possible for your lottery payments.

Do I have to sell all my future payments?

No. Many people sell only a part of their future payments in order to raise enough cash to meet their current needs, which lets them still enjoy guaranteed future income.

Can I get some cash now and keep some money coming in later?

Absolutely. It is even possible to sell off more of your payments at a later date in a second transaction. Reputable firms like Woodbridge Structured Funding, LLC will work with you to determine how much money you require now and how much can be left set aside for later. Woodbridge can even offer you a 48-hour, interest free, cash advance on your lump sum. That means it’s never been easier and quicker to tap into tomorrow’s money today!

What could I do with my lump sum cash payment?

The sky is the limit. What you do with the money is entirely up to you. Whether you want a cash infusion to pay off all your debt or start up a business, or whether you just want to start living in the style you’ve always dreamed of, there is nothing standing in the way.

Is there any reason why I might want to hold on to guaranteed future payments?

Maybe yes, maybe no. That is a decision that only you can decide for yourself. By having the option to sell all or part of your lottery payments for a lump sum, you get to be the one to decide how much income, if any, you want to leave in place for the future.

Do I need the permission of the lottery commission to sell?

No. Selling your lottery payments for cash is entirely your decision to make. You will need to work with a reputable company like Woodbridge Structured Funding, LLC who can determine what legal steps need to be taken in order to reassign the lottery payments, and who will pay all legal bills associated with the transaction.

I’ve decided that selling my lottery payments is the right call. Now what?

You need to speak with a trained professional who can walk you through your options and give you a quote for how large a lump sum your future payments may be worth.

How do I locate a reputable company to buy my lottery payment for cash?

This is a complex financial transaction—not just anyone can do it, and not every firm will be able to give you the best quote possible. You need to partner with a firm that has the creativity, expertise and integrity to offer the most money possible for your future payments. Woodbridge Structured Funding, LLC, the sponsor of the Lottery Source, is the market leader with an unparalleled reputation for honesty and customer service.

How do I know I’m getting the best price for my future payments?

The only way to be sure is to get a number of quotes, and go with the firm that guarantees the highest lump sum. Woodbridge Structured Funding, LLC, for example, is so sure it can make you the best deal possible that it guarantees that it will beat any legitimate quote from its competitors, or it will pay you $500 cash.

Can you walk me through the process?

First, you enter into an agreement to sell your lottery payments to a funding company like Woodbridge Structured Funding, LLC. Then, the buyer goes to court to obtain a court order on your behalf and at their expense, assigning your future payments to them upon their payment to you of the agreed upon sale price. You pay nothing in legal fees. The court order is a mandatory step and protects both the funding company and yourself. Finally, upon approval, the funding company pays you your lump sum and finalizes the transaction.

How long will it take to receive my money?

We work very hard to get you your money as fast as possible. If all documents are submitted to us on time, you will receive your money between two to six weeks, depending on the state in which you reside. In the meantime, Woodbridge is happy to offer 48 hour interest free cash advances on lump sums.

Can I get my money any faster, rather than getting a court order?

No. Each state has laws and regulations that provide us with specific guidelines on how to carry out each transaction. In order to protect consumers from unethical investors, the court has to approve the assignment.

Are you a direct funder or a broker?

Woodbridge Structured Funding, LLC is a direct funder. When you work with Woodbridge, there is no middleman.

What is your success rate?

We have a very high success rate. We will not take your case to court if we believe that it will not get approved.

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